About Us

Modern Nile Cotton Co. is the leading cotton trading company in Egypt, specialized in trading Egyptian cotton as well as cotton from other origins. The company has eight branches in all cotton production areas. Moreover, the company operates gins across the cotton belt.

Egypt’s largest cotton trader with over 23% market share and a total turnover exceeding 1 Billion Egyptian Pounds. While focusing primarily on Egyptian Cotton for both the Egyptian and international markets, we are also the largest importer and supplier of foreign cottons to Egyptian spinners. Our company is built on the joint experiences of over 200 employees, all dedicated to delivering a state of the art service. From our sales associates to our shipping team, MNCC is designed to offer you the highest levels of service and our full commitment to every cotton bale. Our exceptional reach into the growing farms and our international network of partners are fully explored to offer a wide range of options for your purchases of cotton. Tailor made solutions are designed daily to ensure your most suitable delivery date, your best varieties and your most competitive prices.